9 things you don’t know about Americas unofficial first family, The Simpsons

This calls for a collective Belcher family belch
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Set your grills to medium-high, Bob’s Burgers fans, because the Belcher family’s lovable antics are officially coming to the big screen.

Are your palms as slick with sweat as Tina’s while gazing longingly at Jimmy Jr.’s butt? Well they should be, because the Fox animated show not only boasts an enviable cast of comedians, but also a heart of gold — with arteries as clogged as Teddy’s, presumably. (But they’re clogged with love, so keep shoving those burgers into our hearts!)

On Twitter, creator Loren Bouchard confirmed that the team behind the animated show is developing a feature film set for release in 2020:

Bouchard then immediately got our pulses racing by responding to a fan’s request for the film to focus on “Horseplay” (a reference to a character voiced by comedian Ron Funches, from the show’s legendary “Equestranauts” episode tackling the brony phenomenon). 

“We’re still kicking around titles, but ‘Horseplay, the Horsening’ is definitely in the running,” Bouchard tweeted back

That’s a juicy enough title to sink your teeth into. Bob’s Burgers is known for its Grade A pun and spoof humor — though, to be clear, the actual restaurant still only boasts a barely passing grade from health inspector Hugo. But if episode titles like “Eat, Spray, Linda” and “Zero Larp Thirty” are anything to go on, the team will certainly be serving up some choice meats for the film.

Yet, while Bouchard is committed to writing a film for Bob’s Burgers regulars, he also sees it as an opportunity for a grand re-re-re opening that brings new customers into the family comedy.

“We also know it has to fill every inch of the screen with the colors and the sounds and the ever so slightly greasy texture of the world of Bob’s – but most of all it has to take our characters on an epic adventure. In other words, it has to be the best movie ever made. But no pressure, right?!” Bouchard said in a statement, first reported by Deadline. 

It’s been a big year for Bob’s Burgers. While it may not be the cultural phenomenon that The Simpsons has become, the quirky step-sister of the Fox animated comedy lineup still took home its second Emmy Award for Best Animated Series last month.

We’re hoping the film will take Bob’s Burgers from being a secret menu item and raise it to entree status in the public’s eyes (or, uh, tummies.)

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Fox panel literally sexually harassed a female panelist on air, hours after O’Reilly got fired

Just a few hours after it was announced Bill O’Reilly was dropped from Fox News over multiple allegations of sexual harassment, anchors at a Fox roundtable managed to make crude jokes about a female anchor’s appearance on air. To her face. To everyone’s faces, like that’s a totally cool thing to do.

“I think you’re giving America a raise,” Greg Gutfeld told Kimberly Guilfoyle, in reference to her dress. Like, as in, ‘Hey, you’re giving America an erection right now, my peer whom I respect and admire!’

It all started when Bob Beckel complained about people not listening to him when he’s actually telling facts, as opposed to making up facts, which is a whole other issue entirely, but whatever. Guilfoyle taunted him saying, “call your camp counselor,” to which he replied “call your dressmaker.”

Cool! Just two professionals interacting on the national stage, respectfully understanding their differences.

Guilfoyle rolled with it, saying “and give him a raise!” and, well, you know what happened next. The boner thing. The ‘you’re giving people a boner right now,’ thing. The ‘I’m going to double down on shaming you live on television for wearing a flattering dress,’ thing.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this is literally sexual harassment. I wasn’t going to pull out my dictionary but, like:

Pretty cut and dry.

Guilfoyle exclaimed “Oh my god!” and continued to laugh it off, while the other guests sat in stunned silence. When a female host tried to move it along, Beckel shouted, “Why don’t you just shut up!” to which Guilfoyle said “See, here we go.”

Besides the fact that this sounds like a conversation that could’ve been secretly recorded and then used in a deposition, and besides the fact that Fox News has a historic problem with sexual harassment, this all this happened on Wednesday, the day that Bill O’Reilly was fired for pretty much the same thing.

With Fox under the spotlight post-O’Reilly, interactions like this one stand out as being part of a timeline, and woven into the overall tapestry of Fox’s legacy and current state of affairs.

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